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Flower Silicone Wine Stopper

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Manufacturer Easier Living Today
Brand Easier Living Today
Color Red, Green
UPC 736902589977
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29 Jun 2017

What’s in a Cork? More Than You Might Expect

Vintners are split on their views of how to seal wines to keep the quality and freshness intact during shipping and storage. If the sealing method is a success, the wine ends up being a hit at the dinner table. If not, the wine is judged undrinkable.

18 Jul 2017

Alessi Cocktail Shakers - From Classic to Contemporary

Alessi cocktail shakers run the gamut from classic to contemporary. You may prefer simple, or your tastes may run to the superb designs of Baroque artists. But you can always find what you're looking for in the Alessi catalog.

9 Jul 2017

Alessi Wine Corkscrews - More Than Just a Sommelier's Tool!

One of the joys of designers is taking a simple theme and producing a hundred variations on it. The Alessi corkscrew bottle opener catalog contains samples galore of that simple truth.

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